Faygo leads you to the most interesting people

Signing books at At the Detroit Institute of Arts museum store on Dec. 27 turned out to be a great way to meet some Faygo people.
Honored to be asked to sign copies of The Faygo Book at the Detroit Institute of Arts’ museum store on Dec. 27. One of the people who stopped by was 99-year-old Dr. Oscar Paskal, who said he had dinner with Faygo President Mort Feigenson every Friday night in his later years.

Another person who stopped by was Patrick, a Faygo kid from way back who now teaches at-risk high school students in Madison, Wisconsin, and a woman who went to Cass Tech High School with a Feigenson and who studied journalism at the same time I did at the University of Michigan. Small, small world.

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Joe Grimm

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