Is creme soda the fizziest Faygo pop?

This will require some research—and a mop.

Conspiracy theory: Fuel for the launch of the Russian-made Sputnik is actually creme soda, made by Faygo, which was founded by the Russian brothers Perry and Ben Feigenson.

At one presentation, the librarian had purchased some Faygo two-liters for her patrons, which always makes the talk go better.

In preparation, she cracked them all open.

The Faygo creme soda was a gusher and she rushed for the napkins. As she was cleaning up, she remarked that all the bottles had been stored together and handled in the same way. No shaking.

Last night, WLND video producer Craig Hebert was packing up from shooting a “Faygo Book” talk at the Westland Library. As he did, he noticed the Faygo bottles left on the table from what librarian Alexis Harp had brought in for everyone.

Hebert remarked he had once been at a party opening bottles of Faygo and the same thing happened with the creme soda. It went on the table, a chair, the wall, even the ceiling.

So we ask: Is Faygo creme soda fizzier than the rest? In the meantime, let’s be careful out there!

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Joe Grimm

I wrote "The Faygo Book," published in October, 2018, after building up a tremendous thirst on my previous book with Wayne State University Press, "Coney Detroit." Since "The Faygo Book" came out, I have been traveling all over Michigan talking about Faygo, answering questions and hearing some wonderful stories about this great pop.