Faygo cupcakes contest is a taste test

I presented “The Faygo Book” program at the library in Lapeer, Michgan, recently and encountered an ingenious taste test. Patrons were challenged to taste three Faygo-infused cupcakes and to guess the flavors. Three possibilities were offered for each kind of cupcake:


Guess the Faygo Flavor

There are more than 50 Faygo flavored pops. Taste one of each cupcake to guess the flavor. To help you narrow it down, we have given you 3 choices for each cupcake.

Red cupcake
Candy apple
Rock & Rye

Green cupcake
Moon Mist
Arctic Sun

Tan cupcake
Ginger ale
Creme soda

I gave the contest winners an “F:” the best letter grade under the Faygo grading system. I gave the librarians a gold star for creativity.

Faygo and cupcakes go way back. As “The Faygo Book” recounts, Faygo got its start when Perry Feigenson, who had owned a bakery in Detroit and his brother, Ben, turned cake frosting recipes into grape, strawberry and fruit punch pop.


Published by

Joe Grimm

I wrote "The Faygo Book," published in October, 2018, after building up a tremendous thirst on my previous book with Wayne State University Press, "Coney Detroit." Since "The Faygo Book" came out, I have been traveling all over Michigan talking about Faygo, answering questions and hearing some wonderful stories about this great pop.