Longtime Pepsi employee says Vernors deal clouded Faygo sale

Man stands in library with Faygo sign in background
Pepsi-Cola retiree John Young after a Faygo Book presentation at The Library of Michigan.
John Young, who said he worked for 38 years in quality control for Pepsi, shed some light on the quiet negotiations that led to the 1985 sale of Faygo to TreeSweet. It was sold in 1987 to National Beverage Company.

According to Young, “Of the companies bidding for the Faygo product, Pepsi was one of the last bidders, but the Faygo company refused to deal with them because they had previously got a 25-year franchise deal to produce and market Vernor’s product. I know this because I worked in the factory that Vernors ended up with.

John Young spent 38 years in quality control at Pepsi.

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Joe Grimm

I wrote "The Faygo Book," published in October, 2018, after building up a tremendous thirst on my previous book with Wayne State University Press, "Coney Detroit." Since "The Faygo Book" came out, I have been traveling all over Michigan talking about Faygo, answering questions and hearing some wonderful stories about this great pop.