What a nice thing for Faygo to do

Driver holds an open Faygo Book, displaying the double signatures. He is wearing a red hoodie under a black Rip-It jacket.
Mike Wilder delivers Rip It for National Beverage Co., parent company of Faygo.
When Mike Wilder showed up before a Faygo Book talk at the library in Gladwin, Michigan, I knew something was up.

For one thing, he already had a Faygo Book. For another, he was wearing a jacket that said Rip It, a brand belonging to Faygo’s parent company, National Beverage Co.

Wilder asked if I would sign his book.

I asked where he had gotten it.

He said the company had given it to him for Christmas. I suspected as much and told him to look inside.

Sure enough. His book was already signed. Faygo had ordered 300 as gifts for employees, and I had driven to Wayne State University Press to sign them. This was one.

So, I signed the page a second time and wrote, “To Mike, the only guy who knows why this book has two signatures.” And now you know why, too.

Thanks, Mike. Thanks, Faygo.

Published by

Joe Grimm

I wrote "The Faygo Book," published in October, 2018, after building up a tremendous thirst on my previous book with Wayne State University Press, "Coney Detroit." Since "The Faygo Book" came out, I have been traveling all over Michigan talking about Faygo, answering questions and hearing some wonderful stories about this great pop.