Do you remember Faygo Uptown’s ‘too pooped to participate’ Herkimer?

Faygo had a set of pretty great advertising behind “Uptown,” a lemon-lime pop that gave folks a lift. The campaign included TV commercials, store signs and, as I learned doing presentations about The Faygo Book, a limerick.

The center of attention for all the commercials was Herkimer Bottle Blower, a sadsack cartoon character who worked in the Faygo plant blowing bottles and whose one-quart lungs started blowing in half pints. That can cause quite a bottleneck!

Geri Daly recalled the limerick and, with a little encouragement, recited it for the crowd at a presentation before the Grosse Pointe Historical Society.

Incidentally, that was the first of what will by late summer be more than 100 Faygo Book programs. You can get the calendar here.

Herkimer was a bottle blower,
His job was to blow 90 quart bottles a day.
One day his breath started coming in short pints.
His boss kindly encouraged him,
“Blow or go”
“But sir I’m too pooped to participate.”
“Too pooped to participate? Well then live it up,up, up with Uptown.”

Chorus: Live it up, up, up with Uptown
Live it up, up, up with Uptown

Two men in suits stand next to a tall and wide stack of cases of Uptown pop.
This Uptown display towers over Faygo co-founder Perry Feigenson, in the hat, and his nephew, Phil. Faygo Book photo from the Feigenson Family archives.

Published by

Joe Grimm

I wrote "The Faygo Book," published in October, 2018, after building up a tremendous thirst on my previous book with Wayne State University Press, "Coney Detroit." Since "The Faygo Book" came out, I have been traveling all over Michigan talking about Faygo, answering questions and hearing some wonderful stories about this great pop.