Fun at Detroit’s Noel Night

Thanks to people who came out to see us at St. Patrick’s on Detroit’s Noel Night. It was great to have so many new friends and old ones in the senior center. Four Detroit newspaper people had a bookish reunion at the center. Susan Whitall and Bill McGraw in front, Joe Grimm and Patricia Montemurri in back. Shoutout to John Bentley who took care of logistics. Photo by Michael Whitty

He won a free Faygo Book six-pack

Two boys, one holding a six-pack of bottles, with book author.
Jamison won a six-pack of classic glass bottle Faygo, courtesy of Th Faygo Book, by drawing the lucky number at the Holly Library.

The Faygo Book has six pop quizzes and we almost always have fun with one at a Faygo Book talk. But we don’t give prizes!

On Oct. 14 at the Holly Township Library, however, The Faygo Book awarded a six-pack of classic Rock & Rye to Jamison. All he had to do was pick the winning number. I bet he shares with his brother, Stephen. Nice guys.

The people at the Holly Township Library are first class. I loved their Michigan room and bought some handmade cards to support the Friends of the Library.

Faygo flavors social media smackdown has people talking


The Detroit Free Press is telling the tale of how people are burning up social media to lobby for their favorite Faygo flavor.

As I declared in “The Faygo Book,” the mysteriolicious Rock & Rye is my BFF by far. This is probably my favorite Rock & Rye story from the book:

“Even late into his career, founder Perry Feigenson mixed (Rock & Rye). In a 1969 Detroit News Magazine article (Harvey) Lipsky recalled, ‘One day when he was in his 80s and having a tough time climbing the stairs to the lab, he called me aside and said he figured it was time to learn the secret. I watched the mumbo-jumbo, which included waving a towel over the bottle, and I took notes. I analyzed the process and, being a chemist, figured I could duplicate the blend by modern methods. I worked on it several months, using the latest scientific steps. It smelled the same, it looked the same, but it wasn’t the same. I now make it his way – even waving a towel over the bottle. I never have figured out what that did to the blend.’”
Photo credit: Anne Marlowe Belanger, Presque Isle District Library

Boy, does CMU remember Faygo

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 2.18.05 PM

We had a great time reminiscing about Faygo, Detroit and its people in a “Faygo Book” program hosted by Central Michigan University’s Clarke Historical Library on June 12. Fifty people came out.

A big thanks to Clarke Library Director Frank Boles and Rachael Yadlowsky of CMLife who wrote a nice story and took this photo.

CMLife, by the way, will celebrate its 100th anniversary as CMU’s nwwspaper on Nov 16.

I will be back in Mount Pleasant for more fun and Faygo at 6 p.m. June 20 at Art Reach’s Morey Family Gallery, 111 E. Broadway Street.

Remember when you were a kid, but drink like an adult

Tammy Coxen samples her Pontoon Summer. Photo by Lester Graham/Michigan Radio
Michigan Radio’s Lester Graham gets Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings to conjure up a few new Faygo cocktails for adults.

They look and sound great.

She uses Faygo creme soda and rum in her Pontoon Summer and tells Graham “I think of it as a Creamsicle® daiquiri.”

Her Rock & Rye & Rye blends Faygo Rock & Rye with rye whiskey, combining the hard and the soft, the old and the new.