He won a free Faygo Book six-pack

Two boys, one holding a six-pack of bottles, with book author.
Jamison won a six-pack of classic glass bottle Faygo, courtesy of Th Faygo Book, by drawing the lucky number at the Holly Library.

The Faygo Book has six pop quizzes and we almost always have fun with one at a Faygo Book talk. But we don’t give prizes!

On Oct. 14 at the Holly Township Library, however, The Faygo Book awarded a six-pack of classic Rock & Rye to Jamison. All he had to do was pick the winning number. I bet he shares with his brother, Stephen. Nice guys.

The people at the Holly Township Library are first class. I loved their Michigan room and bought some handmade cards to support the Friends of the Library.

This family really DID win a year’s supply of Faygo

Mother and father sit on chairs as son, about 10 years old, stands facing them, showing the back of his Faygo branded shirt. A happy family.
Alan and Jennifer Yakubesan and their son Andrew won a year’s supply of Faygo in a contest that wrapped in the Detroit Tigers and WDIV-TV.
When I give my Faygo presentation, it usually includes a pop quiz. One question asks the audience to guess the prize in a particular promotion. The most popular guess, and it is wrong, is a year’s supply of Faygo. Maybe it is wishful thinking.

During the pop quiz at the Sterling Heights Public Library, this family got the giggles. They are Alan, Jennifer and Andrew Yakubesan of Sterling Heights.

Why all the mirth? This family really did win a year’s supply of Faygo and they were tickled to hear it as one of the wrong answers in the quiz. They won their pop in a Detroit Tigers contest put on by WDIV-TV. That could be a lot of pop!

Although it would have been cool to have a long Faygo truck pull up in front of their house, the prize was awarded in coupons. Did thy use up all those coupons? What do you think?

Antique bottles pep up Faygo Book talk

The Faygo Kids at the Hamburg Township Library in Livingston Township seemed to have a great great time this week and did very well on the Pop Quiz. A special guest was Dorothy Kosciolek, who brought these Faygo bottles she once-upon-a-time rescued from the crawl space under a Detroit home doomed for the wrecking ball in the Mack-Elmwood area in the ’60s and ’70s. She and her husband were metal detecting around the homes. Notice the Feigenson Brothers Bottling Co. “FB” embossed on the bottoms. From these photos, Mike Brodzik of the Metropolitan Detroit Antique Bottle Club estimated, “The one with front embossing in a circle is from the early to mid ’20s and the other is mid 30’s to early ’30s.” He said he could perhaps nail down the exact year if he saw them in person — and he has show up for several Faygo Book talks in Macomb County. Watch for him!