Faygo: A PopUmentary

TMV Presents: Faygo Factory Tour

Television played a large role in Faygo’s history, and here’s a few clips from YouTube showcasing some classic Faygo commercial clips:

Herkimer bottle blower for Uptown

Uptown soda, 1955

Jim Henson commercial for Faygo

The Faygo kid

Faygo black cherry

What flavors ya got? Laurel and Hardy version

What Flavors ya got? One-calorie version

Alex Karras for sugar-free Redpop

Monkey business (shot at Detroit Zoo)

Diet Faygo with pies

Rainbow of flavors (paint roller version)

Rainbow of flavors (dance party version)

Faygo boat song

Redpop commercial with Jamie Farr

Joan Rivers with Paula Warner at pool for Faygo diet Frosh

Joan Rivers in restaurant for Faygo diet root beer

Costume party

Faygo baseball song (2011 TMV Group audio)