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“Joe Grimm captures not only the history of Faygo but also the emotional connection Detroiters have with the brand. It’s as if we’ve been invited to a conversation with Feigenson family members. The Faygo Book is a wonderful inside look at one of Detroit’s most famous brands.”  Keith D. Wunderlich, author of Vernor’s Ginger Ale

“Bubbly, refreshing, and fun, The Faygo Book is a loving look at the pop brand that helped define Detroit. Joe Grimm has created a nostalgic read that embraces the city’s history with this special drink, the family that created it, and the foodies that adore it. Long live Faygo and all of its fans.” — Karen Dybis, journalist and author of Better Made in Michigan: The Salty Story of Detroit’s Best Chip

“Long missing from our local annals is a comprehensive origin story of one of its most enduring brands. Proof that we’ve always been a city where folks from all over the world come to realize their biggest dreams, Joe Grimm’s telling of the Faygo story is not only one of great American innovation but also that of never-say-die Detroit.” — Aaron Foley, author of How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass

“When you think of quenching your thirst in Detroit, you think of Faygo, and when you think of Detroit’s best storytellers, you think of Joe Grimm. There isn’t a better writer to tell the story of the Motor City’s unofficial beverage. Joe Grimm and Faygo go together like ‘rock’ and ‘rye’!” — Dan Austin, founder of and author of Greetings from Detroit: Historic Postcards from the Motor City (Wayne State University Press, 2017)